Aims & Objectives



  • To impart education to the children and youth of the country with an aim to make them good citizens.
  • To established and run schools, colleges and libraries.
  • To create interest in the general public regarding the education of the children as well as he illiterate an adults.
  • To establish and run Industrial and Technical institutions.
  • To impart the knowledge of Arabic language and other orient languages.
  • To provide facilities to the young students to get industrial and technical education.
  • To orientate the curriculum in such a way that the young students get vocational training that will help them in earning their livelihood in future.
  • To impart Islamic Religious education to the Muslim students and general ethics to others as a compulsory part of their education.
  • To provide facilities to the students to take part in games and sports as well as extra curricular activities.
  • To adopt all lawful and feasible measures in order to achieve the above aims and objects.



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